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I equip professional driven women with career techniques that empower them to take charge of their pathway to success. 

I'm Joshalynn! But you can call me Jossy! I'm a wife, mother, career coach, helper, and community advocate. After working hard to become an executive-level recruiter, and spending over 6 years with the same company, I realized that new purposes and passions were calling my name. Quitting my job was something I never thought I'd do, but I'm so happy I made the decision to follow my purpose. 

I was fortunate to successfully create a clear pathway to success in my career and have been fortunate to help many professionals ELEVATE their careers. Over the past several years, I've been able to use my lessons-learned and blended experience to help professionals propel their careers forward, get unstuck, qualify for roles that they thought were out of their league, create long-term strategies, and create stand out resumes. 

Now I help women take charge of their careers, gain clarity, and prepare to elevate their careers. To do this, I build long intentional relationships through 1:1 sessions where I dig deep to help clients figure out their purposes, and map out a plan that is most fitting for their lifestyles. 

My mission is to teach women that they can have a career they love and it can be fulfilling and rewarding.

I serve each and every one of my clients with this framework  in mind:


I work with all clients to plan for their next BIG career move by helping them create a plan through self-reflection, strengths finders, and guidance. Planning allows for clients to discover where, when, how to start. 


Preparation is key to career success. If you don't prepare, how can you strategize the best way to attain the career you love? If you work with me, you'll receive all of the preparation you need to be successful.


You deserve a career that is fitting for you and your lifestyle. Once we plan and prepare for your career move, it's time to put things in motion and propel your journey forward - then watch your career ELEVATE to new levels. 

Client Love

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