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If you're ready to level up your career, stop hitting dead-ends during the application process, disqualifying yourself, and get unstuck, this might be the right place for you. 



With the constant battle recruiters face to find top-level and talented candidates, it's critical to gain unique skills to stand out and level up!

Maybe you've been feeling like you're burnt out with a heavy workload, or you have no time for your passions and the things you love. you want to make a career move, but you don't know how to elevate your career like a BOSS. The job that keeps holding you back, doesn't value you, but you keep sticking around, hoping your leadership or position will change. Your current job is also your "security" right? Sound familiar? 

My clients have overcome the feeling of...



It's hard to leave a company you've held for so long, and step outside of your comfort zone.



You've tried to voice your opinion and you go the extra mile every time you get, but your hard work continuously goes unnoticed.



Maybe you're working 50+ hours per week to make ends meet which leaves you tired and no room for your passions at the end of the day.  



You dread going to work because it's not serving you and it no longer has your best interest at heart.

Job Interview

With the right career plan and the proper guidance - the right opportunites will follow you!

The time to elevate is now!

Planning and preparing are two of the most important recipes to propel your career forward.

With the help of my take F.L.I.G.H.T model, you will...



Focus on the WHY and get crystal clear on what is you deserve.

Learn the importance of leaning on others and how to leverage your unique skills and talents!

Investigate your career options and develop strategies that guide you you to identify the right positions using the best tools and techniques.

Guided resume transformation
to help you create a standout professional summary, and 
tailor your strengths. 

Hone in on your interview skills and get equipped with interview techniques that are proven to get you in the door.

Tailor-made career planning that helps you set strategic goals, and guide you to take charge of your pathway to success.

You'll learn the perfect recipe for career success using my customized 3 P's + 3 C's + F.L.I.G.H.T Model = Landing the right opportunity.  

Will you join other professional-driven women on a journey to ELEVATE their career pathway to success?


The Career Advancement  Accelerator 

An accelerated coaching program designed to help you gain confidence, and career clarity, create long-term growth strategies, and gain the necessary confidence to level up your skills and increase your salary!

This program blends professional development, long-term growth strategies, and career techniques to help you make your next move your best

Next Group Program Start Date - TBD

1:1 Coaching - Can Start Anytime

This is perfect for you if you're ready to...

  • Stop feeling demotivated and unfilled at work

  • Find clarity on how to leverage your next BEST career move. 

  • Identify your strengths and hone in on them for a key resume transformation.

  • Identify the right job launch strategy through networking and career exploration.

  • Gain confidence through CEO-level interview preparation.

  • Apply for positions you never thought you qualified for.

  • Identify careers that match your core value.

  • Create a road map designed to achieve your long-term goals.

  • Stop feeling stressed out at work.

  • Will you help me find jobs?
    No. As a Career Coach, my job is not to make decisions for you, but to facilitate career strategies and tools that will help you confidently plan your pivot and create goals that best meet your needs.
  • Where will we meet?
    Coaching services will be conducted online and you can join each session from the comfort of your own home!
  • Are there payment plans?
    Yes! If you are unable to pay in full, you may make payments overtime throughout the course of 6 weeks. We ask that everyone make a $250 payment up front to hold your spot.
  • What if I want to keep working with coach Jossy?
    After we have completed the group sessions- the party can continue if you want! If anything comes up, don’t worry! Not only do I provide you 14 days of support after we have completed our project together, you can choose to continue to work with me through a retainer package. I’m your new career bestie!
  • How do we stay organized and communicate?
    Once you’ve booked and are an official client - hooray, I’ll send you a link for your very own client portal in HoneyBook. This is where we will keep your entire project organized and communicate. It’s much easier for us both to refer back to one space to find what we need than having to search through 100s of email threads. There will also be a private group option where you can engage with the women in your cohort.

A message from your Coach!

In all that I do, I seek to empower women to reach their fullest potential. As a previous recruiter, HR professional, and current non-profit leader, I aim to equip professionally driven women with career techniques that help them take charge of their pathway to success. As a coach, I understand that there are no shortcuts to maintaining a fulfilling career.  Similar to being an elite athlete, professionals must have self-discipline, motivation, skills, and a team that helps aid in getting them to the finish line. 

The one-of-a-kind opportunity I am offering, in a group setting will only be exclusive to driven-professional who want to elevate their careers! I hope to work with you and take your career to the next level!

Your career bestie,


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